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  • Question: A prank backfiring on Ophelia. - captainwolfos
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    She shouldn’t try to turn around and look. She knew she was in big trouble. Big trouble. Big doesn’t describe it completely. She could be scolded like hell, get chased out of Kirkwall, becoming fugitive for the second time. Or even worst out of them all, get the almighty Champion Teddy Bear glare of disapproval.

    She had to walk forward. Faster.

    Too late.

    A hand was on her shoulder. She turned, prepared for anything. To beg for forgiveness, giving innocent puppy eyes, deny she even anything at all… But the reasoning stopped in her head, with just one thought: Huh?

    Garrett was grinning at her, with a laughing expression. “Good work, Ophelia.”

    She had to make puzzled face. Weren’t you suppose to have…


    She recognised that voice. Uh oh, did I miss Garrett and went for the Knight-Capt…

    In comes Cullen charging, with curly long locks and his features more feminine. Unexpectedly, his skin was now a lovely colour of puce…

    Without testing her luck, she ran.





Lady Man-Hands is for sure the most adorable thing in the entire game.


“The Archdemon likes this.” Oh man.